I want to thank and congratulate specially Zuzel for improving Lernanta to allow challenges and badges. Also to John for designing this interesting challenge, it has some poetry and also technical aspects that IMHO are well suited for beginners.

I began because I wanted to experience with challenges and badges, I like that the challenges can be built with the current Lernanta interface, but badges cannot.

I would like to create new badges for new courses, and be able to reuse existing badges (for example the spanish version of Webmaking 101, could award the sames challenges that the english version).

For reviewers the "quick" website I published during it was: http://ejemplohtml.pasosdeJesus.org/ and the main explanation of how I did it: http://dhobsd.pasosdeJesus.org/index.php?id=Webmaking+101+hosting

Instead of filezilla, I used scp (as I explained at http://www.p2pu.org/es/groups/webmaking-101-youre-live/content/from-your-computer-to-your-webspace/?pagination_page_number=1#9636) that is included with ssh in Unix style systems.

Thank you.